Your Spanish Social Hosts

We are Jo (JoJo) and David (DirtyDavid).

We host our Socials at least once a month somewhere along the Costa Blanca.

jojo has a drink and a laugh


  • Bi-sexual female into (young) men, ladies and lots of good sex.
  • Cougar - I like my men younger than me.
  • Greedy Girl - I like groups of guys
  • Hotwife - I like to play, then go and tell David what I have been doing.

Outside the scene my interests include Travel, Scuba Diving, Photography, Shopping, Films, changing my house and looking after my dogs, son & husband..

I am Canadian by birth, British by marriage, and a Spanish resident.

Unless I am full of Dutch courage, I am not one to chase people, so if you want to play with me, you will have to ask. Just go to our picture site and read my likes and dislikes first, to make sure I am what you are looking for, and that you are what I am looking for.

When I am playing I like my ladies to be bi - not bi curious, good body, aged between 25-40, willing to try new things, and my men to have good bodies, to be aged between 18-45, must enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. Must be able to fuck for more than 5 minutes. I hate it when guys only last a few seconds. I also enjoy having 2 or 3 guys at the same time, and love to be fucked doggy fashion while sucking a cock and wanking another.

If we meet at a social and you are young and cute, and we hit it off, and you come dancing with me, then I will probably want to take you back to my apartment.

Visit our exhibitionist site to see me getting up to lots of naughty adventures with my friends and lovers at to see us in action with lots of our friends.



I am a straight male into ladies, swinging, sex, photography, the internet, good food, good wines and good fun.

I am vintage 1956, 5'11" brown eyes, brown hair (greying), 13 stone, 6 lbs.

Married to JoJo since August 2006.

Many of you know by now, I am an exhibitionist, I like public sex, I enjoy group sex, and having my picture taken and appearing in videos. I love giving oral, and have a well trained tongue. I am also a long stayer.

I prefer my playmates to be shaven and smaller than a size 16. Though if the personality is right I do stray from this.

If you want me to play with you, just ask, as a host, I never push myself onto people.

I have hosted and attended hundreds of swingers parties, BDSM parties and socials as well as attending more then 200 house parties, hosted more than 500 of my own, & been to many clubs in America, Europe and the UK